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Prolapse of Łove

Girls’ buttocks are the miracle of creation.
And is there any boundary for love? For beauty?
If you want to, love of beauty is endless.
And then, when a rose finally blossoms from girl’s curves, it’s a clear prove of God.
Life needs miracles and beauty, and I glorify this prolapse of love.
I’ve become a troubadour.

The exhibition Prolapse of Love is a conceptual art project about beauty of fucking in the ass and how fascinating it can be when guts prolapse.
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#Rectal prolapse, more poetically called rosebudding, is a specific sexual practice, usually a follow-up after anal sex when the sphincter is loose. Using her hands, your woman spreads her anus wide apart, pushing a part of her rectum out for a couple seconds. A phenomenon of these times. For more about the theory (not pornographic links) see e.g.: here or here

Arcticles about Audiopill

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Articles about Prolapse of Love

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Objects considered extremely detestable by today’s stereotypes are transformed into beauty. Isn’t this the true objective of art after all?
Art brut (Anal Art brut, Outsider art, Artistic dementia, Art brutal)
Professionality poses limitations. Unprofessionality brings freedom.
Sexual objects are deconstructed into objects with no sexual charge. A principle opposite to what the present marketing is doing, trying to put almost everything that has nothing to do with our procreation into role of a sexually attractive object (electronics, banking services, soda...).


The object in the photo: pig innards, resine, haiku.



..."Glimpsing through the renowned studies about medieval and Renaissance folk culture by Mikhail Bakhtin, we find out how extremely we have diverted from the "cheerful" dimension of faeces and their natural connection with feast and self-saturation. If we relate this to the present ideology of consumerism: excreta, vomiting or waste in general are in fact its suppressed conscience." ... (CLICK FOR MORE)
Ondřej Macl, comparativist

Analysis of prolapsed intestine (sample)

..."And out of a sudden Strmiska turns up, obsessed with the topic so much he starts crisscrossing India and Bangladesh in a vain effort to engage local painters who would redraw butt wedgies from layouts. As a son of a food chemist, he doesn’t limit himself to classic fine art techniques and many of his methods evoke an alchemist lab. Isn’t an alchymist one of the archetypes of a modern artist, who – according to Nicolas Bourriaud – turns away from the existing pedantic tradition in an effort to re-create himself? At the expense of labor market processes to give himself up for God’s lynch in the end? And if the Strmiska’s fascination is to be contextualized yet more precisely: his figure posing as an inventor, DIY man and autodidact, repenting of his professional career through art, leads us to post-art brut regions. Since art brut is a notion from the art workshop of Dubuffet, who decided – having been disgusted at the post-war artistic environment full of competitiveness, calculation, pseudoartists etc. – to search for a new authenticity in works of mainly psychically ill authors, then the range of the contemporary post-art brut movements (art cru, art singulier...) makes it possible for anyone to create art just because they want to and are capable of creation, without expecting any success. Why taking it to the public? Maybe as we know from Banksy that a „museum is a bad place to look at art“, and so it’s necessary to disintegrate these institutions? Don’t they just transform everything alive into an isolated past, and again in a rhythm of environment that’ taking no risks?"...

...."At the fourth, let’s mention Canadian zombie movies by Bruce LaBruce, in which sexual satisfaction is achieved on open wounds.
Strmiska innovates this tradition in the way that penetration is not performed with an external object, but spontaneously from the inside, with the colon. The magical porno-body is senselessly exposed to health hazards. The poser may even die. An antipode to this activity might well be a removal of placenta, quite common during childbirth. Moreover, a prolapsed colon finds its symbol in a rose bud. A traditional symbol of love, beauty or innocence, in cinematography thanks to Welles’s Citizen Kane (1941) referring to a lost childhood. Should such a label be just provocatively ironic? Let’s remember yet another European story, Apuleius’s Golden Ass (curiously enough the ass meaning a donkey here). The main character turned into a donkey is facing a train of cruelties until finally he’s abused by a lecherous woman at public zoophilic shows... And what turns him back into a man, at the mercy of the divine mystery? – Eating a rose, as simple as that"...
...Friends, "lupus fugit", as we, latinists with classical education like to say, and in the context of the modern times, it has to be noted that beauty and art have long ago become antonyms, and whoever sees it differently must be at least a comprehensively anachronic illiterate, or if you want to, a stupid and tasteless fuckhead. ...
Verbal Čuk Rorýs, critic

The concept of the work is a dialogue with the ideas described by ethical contractualism. The artist was inspired by a real catastrophe when the factory Rana Plaza fell down in Bangladesh in 2013: 1,229 dead are seen as a prolapse of the fashion industry which the artist had actively supported for ten years. The workers imprisoned inside drank their own urine to survive in the heat. In the same way, the spectators imprisoned in the exhibition launch can save themselves by drinking the artist’s urine containing muscinol, a substance causing conscientiousness disorders and hallucinations.
Ladislav Nagy, Faculty of Philosophy

YAT-KHA music

Music for installation Shamanism 2.0, experimenting with red toadstools, was composed by the author’s friend Albert Kuvezin and the band Yat-Kha from Siberian Tuva. They combine Tuvinian ultra-deep polyphonic throat singing chöömej with rock energy.


The Experiment

Do you want to listen to music from the inside? This invention is a device as small as a pill which, when swallowed, starts beating within you innards at a preset BPM. Restless feeling will pump you up to insanity.

PHOTO: This really is an X-ray picture of the author. Swallowed device Audiopill

A separate website for the project:




My exhibition race :-)


Pray in sperm, early menstruation and haute cuisine.
"I have nothing against the Pope. I am the Pope. Fucking saint father."
I created the Czech edition of the tech magazine T3 (Tomorrow's Technology Today) and after that I worked for the men’s magazine Maxim. I dictated fashion, wrote about bizarre stuff and took part in editorial striptease and decadent parties.

The last two years I´ve been working on a project of prolapsed buttocks (Prolapse of Love) and developing the project Audiopill (an experimental device for enjoying music from the inside).
I had to rebuild my flat into a lab and learn how to preserve pig innards. I also experimented with polymer materials suitable for encasing the Audiopill device and tested various methods of potassium ferricyanide crystallization. I´ve tested on myself effects of toadstool, as well as breathing techniques on human perception.
I was also traveling on my Royal Enfield across India and Bangladesh, trying to create a project about outsourced art of wedgies.
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Azitromycin, Sumamed
Jan Vojtěch, Audiopill
Albert Kuvezin Yat-Kha music
Jatka Čáslav
Barna Medical Sirio
Adam Maršál, PR
Robert Tichý photos
Jakub Frey video Audiopill, photos
Ackee android programming
Roman Buxbaum Curych
Dilip, Khajuraho, Indian outsourcing
Radek Kovanda, translation
Ladislav Nagy
Ondřej Macl
Tiskárna Libertas
Dalibor Velebil National Museum
Petr Štěpánek Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry of Academy of Sciences of the CZ
Ondřej Liška, virtual sound
Axson Technologies
Dawex Chemical
Vijay, Oakhla, Indian outsourcing
Lubomír Moc chemistry
Velox chemistry
Chemex chemistry
Silikonycz chemistry
Noxton chemistry
Lucas Tsolakian Sao Paulo outsourcing
Darek Košata
Daruma tea home
Dominika, Míša, Kačka, Dina, Lenka, Veronika, Michaela, Kůzle, Šárka, Nela, Pavla, Dana, Zuzka, Zuzana, Mája, Věra...
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